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FBI unlocks San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone, abandons Apple case

Following the news, parties opposed to the case said that the announcement proved the government had an "alternative motive" in the case.

Search for victims, answers in Lebanon plane crash

Officials on Tuesday sought to determine why an Ethiopian airliner veered off course on take-off from Beirut before crashing at sea.

Search for bodies, black boxes in Lebanon plane crash

Rescuers on Tuesday continued the search for victims of the Ethiopian airliner crash off the coast of Lebanon and sought to recover the black boxes.

Lebanon crisis deepens as vote delayed again

Lebanon again postponed an election to choose a new head of state by a midnight Friday deadline amid continuing deadlock between rival political factions and fears of a dangerous power vacuum. The country's pro-Syrian President, Emile Lahoud, plans to step down when his term expires at midnight.

Lebanon arrests gang plotting attacks on UN force

Lebanon said on Monday it had arrested a gang of foreigners who were plotting attacks on United Nations peacekeepers, four months after six troops were killed in a bombing against a Spanish contingent. ''The Lebanese army's secret service arrested a network of non-Lebanese terrorists,'' the army said.

Officials face tough questions over university killer

Officials at Virginia Tech faced tough questions on Wednesday as to why a student behind the worst mass shooting in United States history remained at the school although local police knew he was troubled and despite repeated complaints from fellow students and staff.

Modern US nun is an ex-soldier and has a blog

One was a successful corporate lawyer, another a Mercedes-driving businesswoman and a third a navy officer who steered battleships. They are among a growing number of women in their 20s and 30s across the United States who have shed high-powered jobs, career ambitions and boyfriends for a nun's veil and a life devoted to the church.

Dreaming of a politically correct Christmas

From flaps over children singing Christmas carols to a row about Christmas trees at an airport or a traditional nativity play scrapped in favour of reggae-style carols, the Christian world is awash with examples of political correctness this season. Even Pope Benedict XVI has waded into the controversy.

Homework may not be good for kids

A small but increasingly vocal group of United States parents and educators is pushing for homework to be abolished for younger children on grounds that it serves no purpose. According to two new books on the subject, American children are being robbed of time to enjoy hobbies, sports and even family time because of too much homework.

The day of love … and infidelity

For many, Valentine's Day conjures up images of love, romance, flowers and chocolate. But for detective agencies across the United States, the romantic holiday is a boon for business as it is the ideal time for a spouse to catch a cheating mate. "Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for private investigators," says Tony Delorenzo, of Private Detectives of America.

Tunisian president re-elected in ‘surreal’ vote

Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has won re-election for a fourth term by an overwhelming margin in a vote denounced as ''surreal'' and an insult to democracy by several opposition leaders. According to final figures announced by the Interior Ministry on Monday, Ben Ali garnered 94,48% of the weekend vote.

Bush about-turn fuels fears of violence

Washington's surprise policy shift on the Middle East was criticised on Thursday amid fears it would fuel further violence in the volatile region, as the outraged Palestinian leadership called for an emergency meeting of Islamic nations. ''This is a real violation of the road map,'' Palestinian Premier Ahmed Qorei said.
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