Johann van der Westhuizen

Vaccine conundrums to keep one up at night

Why do religious leaders feel no compunction to harm their followers, when they could ‘pray for the destruction of a satanic vaccine’ instead?

The world needs to take human rights seriously

Freedom of conscience and movement cannot be used as a reason not to wear a mask or to be vaccinated

‘White’ elephants haunt the minds of some JSC members

Striving for racial representivity does not mean there can never be a white judge on the apex court bench again

Scrutiny and robust debate are healthy for our courts

Every judgment in favour of the government is not an indication of a captured court. The fact that we may argue about findings publicly shows how far South Africa is from, for example, Turkey’s recent human rights abuses

Who the State Security Agency reports to should not depend on current roleplayers

Whether national security should be located inside or outside the presidency must be considered based on functionality and constitutional values

Covid controls limit our freedom, but free choices are rarely free

Dissident views on masks and vaccines should be heard but until science rules them wrong, it’s best to follow scientists’ advice

Litigation lust not the only way to resolve disputes

Courts do have a crucial role in political cases but alternative dispute resolution mechanisms should be considered

Rights: Should South Africa trade freedom for food?

The constitution delivered in many areas but SA still has a way to go to ensure people’s rights are respected

Even religion has limits on its rights

The constitution does protect faith — but not beyond what is reasonable

Zuma’s onslaught on the law is flawed

Delaying tactics while pretending to be impatient and casting aspersions on the courts are old tricks

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