John Matshikiza

Drama in the streets

In the mystically charged Grahamstown, more drama took place in the streets than on the stages and in the theatres, writes John Matshikiza.

Black and blue

''Gone, by implication, are the days of slavery, colonialism and imperial arrogance. Gone is the world of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. We live in a new age of enlightenment. Or so it seems, until you start listening to where the dialogue is heading''. John Matshikiza takes a look at new theatre production Blue/Orange.

Struggling to do the right thing

In the 1970s and 1980s Paul Boateng was a prominent figure in Britain's tumultuous era of political and racial struggle. He was wiry and animated, the firm set of his mouth and chin a hallmark of his articulate, legally trained passion for social justice, especially in the black cause.

Drumbeat, not heartbeat

After strutting its stuff in London and Toronto, Zola Maseko's Drum, finally being shown in South Africa at last. Maseko privately agrees that, to get the movie made at all, he was finally obliged to sup with the Hollywood devil, writes John Matshikiza.

Embassy of miracle and wonder

''It is something of a poignant moment at the famous address of 18 Tiergartenstrasse in the heart of Berlin. Eric Singh, veteran anti-apartheid campaigner and long-term resident of the old East Berlin, is shaking a friendly finger at his old adversary, former South African ambassador Donald Sole,'' writes John Matshikiza.

Lubumbashi: Frozen in another time

In recent weeks we have been assailed with news of a peace accord in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Significantly, the accord was signed at a formal ceremony in the South African administrative capital of Pretoria, with President Thabo Mbeki witnessing the historical agreement.

A colonised intellect

John Matshikiza hits back at revisionist Indian scholar Dinesh D'Souza's defence of colonialism. What if Shaka had been left alone to build an unprecedented empire on the southern tip of Africa?

Milestone for the new South Africa

Mandla Langa and Hugh Masekela collaborate on a high-profile musical which premieres at Grahamstown. John Matshikiza reports.

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