John Vidal

… And how the West was lost

Two new books examine the negative impact of the West, and suggest alternatives to the status quo.

Alarm raised over Saudi ‘peak oil’

US envoy warns that reserves are perhaps 40% overstated and the kingdom won't be able to keep prices down.

Ecuador offers not to exploit pristine reserve

How much would you pay for the most biologically rich patch of land on Earth?

A climate journey

As the world prepares for the Cancún summit, <b>John Vidal</b> visits people on the frontline of the battle against global warming.

Mission to extinction

A field trip to find new plant and insect species in the Chaco will endanger remote Indian tribes, anthropologists and indigenous leaders warn.

British racing green shows its colours

After two years of development, engineers unveil a renewable energy prototype that is powerful, fast and drop-dead gorgeous.

Soaring prices feed social unrest

The cost of meat, sugar, rice, wheat and maize soars as the World Bank predicts five years of price volatility.

Water: The new source of conflict

In the future nearly all the world's major rivers are expected to come under increased pressure to provide water for farming and industry.

Danes’ bias sank climate change talks

UN chief's leaked letter fingers ill-considered draft agreement that pitted rich against poor.

Big Oil rarely cleans up its mess

Big Oil is holding its breath. BP's shares are in steep decline after the debacle in the Gulf of Mexico.

Food, water driving 21st-century African land grab

An investigation reveals how rich countries faced by a global food shortage now farm an area double the size of the UK to guarantee supplies.

Nomadic alarm bells

Africa's economic prosperity is being undermined by Western farming. John Vidal reports.

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