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Amish girl asked to be shot first, woman says

One of the girls who died in Pennsylvania's Amish schoolhouse massacre asked the killer to shoot her first in an apparent bid to save younger girls. Rita Rhoads, a nurse-midwife who delivered 13-year-old Marian Fisher as well as another victim, said Fisher appealed to Charles Carl Roberts to shoot her first because she thought it might allow younger girls to survive.

Amish bury dead girls amid concern for rural life

Pennsylvania's Amish began to bury the victims of this week's schoolroom massacre on Thursday amid renewed concern that their private, rural way of life was yielding to modernity. The first funeral cortege of 37 horse-drawn carriages, driven by grim-faced, black-clad Amish, trotted through the main street of Georgetown

Gunman kills girls at Pennsylvania Amish school

A dairy truck driver with a grudge burst into a one-room Amish schoolhouse on Monday and killed three girls execution style before committing suicide in the third deadly United States school shooting in the past week, authorities said. Eight other girls were wounded and CNN reported that one of them died several hours after the assault.

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