Joseph Hanlon

Frelimo gambled everything on gas – and lost

Mozambique’s ruling party thought gas would secure a wealthy future, but that dream faded and finally was shattered by attacks that sent energy giant Total packing

A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado

In the Mozambican province wracked by a violent insurgency, the convenient labelling of those rising up against the predatory elite paints a picture that is far from reality

Isis is not driving the Cabo Delgado war

Can Frelimo and its backers continue to profit from a failing state while an armed insurgency rages in northern Mozambique? And will South Africa help prop them up?

No attempt to search for alleged killer

Mozambican authorities' apparent reluctance to investigate -million in bank frauds and at least three related assassinations became clearer this week as more evidence emerged about Anibal Antonio ''Anibalzinho'' dos Santos Jnr, the man accused of murdering newsman Carlos Cardoso.

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