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Joyce Mulama

Contentious issues remain after climate talks

International talks on climate change held at a conference in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, ended on Friday without having established a solid timetable for cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions after the Kyoto Protocol expires. This was one of several contentious issues at the negotiations.

How the changing climate is changing lives

Marginalised communities attending a United Nations conference on climate change being held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, have given accounts of how their lives are being altered for the worse -- something they blame on climate change. ''We are almost being left as climate refugees,'' an Indian delegate told journalists.

Kenyan women look to the sun for cooking

The women in Kajiado were sceptical -- unwilling to believe that cardboard containers lined with aluminium foil on the inside would cook food when placed in the sun. But, their minds were changed during a recent demonstration of the unassuming containers. These solar cookers were loaded with several pots filled with meat, rice, eggs and other kinds of food -- the pots black in colour to absorb heat, and covered in plastic bags to retain warmth.

Programme takes shape for next World Social Forum

With dozens, if not hundreds, of organisations likely to attend next year's World Social Forum -- and almost as many issues clamouring to be addressed there -- nailing down a programme for the January 20 to 25 event promises to be a daunting task. Nonetheless, organisers of the event are starting to do just that.

Gay and lesbian people ‘are here in Africa’

''We are here in Africa. We live in the mainstream, we pay taxes like everybody else in the mainstream, we relate with people in the mainstream. We are a naturally occurring phenomenon in the universe,'' said activist Donna Smith of gay people in Africa, at the second Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights this week in Nairobi.

Using ARVs to fill empty stomachs

"Yes, I get the ARVs, but I cannot afford to put a simple meal on the table," says Wa Kimani. "This is why I had to register at two treatment sites, so that I could get ARVs [anti-retroviral drugs] twice: utilise one set from one site, then sell the other batch from the second site, so that I can get something small to put in my stomach."

Kenya adopts new anti-graft plan amid old scandals

A new plan to address corruption in Kenya has been adopted in the East African country -- this as the government continues to be criticised for overseeing widespread graft. The National Anti-Corruption Plan was drawn up by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, a government body mandated to investigate graft.

Call for Kenya’s hawkers to be treated with dignity

The dark clouds threaten a downpour. Already, light showers have started. But Margaret Wangui, her two-year-old daughter strapped tightly to her back, is not running away from the rains. She is fleeing the city council askaris (guards) who are cracking down on hawkers.

The little pill that could

Misoprostol. It's not exactly a household name as far as drugs are concerned; however, it has the potential to improve -- and even save -- thousands of women's lives in Kenya. This medication is one of a number of drugs that can be used to induce abortion, in a procedure that has come to be known as ''medical abortion'', or ''abortion by pill''.

‘Silent war waged against Africa’s women’

Calls for abortion laws across Africa to be revised have dominated the first days of a meeting in Ethiopia -- the Regional Consultation on Unsafe Abortion in Africa. More than 140 researchers, key government officials and health practitioners from 16 African countries have gathered in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.

Kenyans fight for cheaper food prices

As famine continues to ravage parts of Kenya, a non-governmental organisation is urging authorities to reduce the cost of basic food stuffs, particularly maize flour -- the staple food. A survey by the group, Bunge la Mwananchi, has indicated that while food is for sale in affected areas, it is too expensive for the people living there.

Scramble to plot course for Kenyan constitutional review

Groups in Kenya that include politicians and activists say they will present plans to complete a review process aimed at providing a new Constitution for the East African country. This follows their dismissal of the February 24 appointment of a presidential committee to jump-start the constitutional review.

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