Joyce Mulama

‘Take the bull by the horns’ for a new Africa

Positions are being staked out concerning the establishment of a pan-African government, at the annual summit of the African Union under way in Accra. Heads of state and government from around the continent began meeting in the Ghanaian capital on Sunday; they will wrap up talks on Tuesday.

Kenya’s water troubles more than just leaky pipes

Kenya's capital, Nairobi , takes its name from a Masai word meaning "place of cool waters". In parts of the city, however, this term is less descriptive than ironic -- as demand for water is outstripping supply. The challenge of stretching water supplies ever further is coming to the fore on Thursday as countries around the globe mark World Water Day.

Renewed opposition to Kenyan anti-terror law

Rights activists in Kenya have intensified their campaign against a proposed anti-terrorism law -- this after a travel advisory issued by the United States warned of possible terrorist attacks in the East African country during the upcoming World Cross-Country Championships.

Kenya’s courts not yet safe haven for women

As the world marks International Women's Day on Thursday, under the theme of Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls, activists in Kenya claim there is much to do in ensuring that abusers are punished. They worry about the low rate of convictions in rape and abuse cases.

How to make Kenya’s cotton sector blossom

Kenya's cotton industry, once one of the country's main foreign-exchange earners, declined substantially following liberalisation of the sector in 1991. However, efforts are now being made to address problems bedevilling the cotton sector, including a government-led campaign.

Going beyond cheerleading for candidates

With general elections scheduled to take place in Kenya this December, activists in the East African country are looking to constitutional reform to ensure that more women fill decision-making posts in the government. Eighteen of Kenya's 222 legislators are women. While this is the highest number yet, it still amounts to less than 10% of the total.

Flying toilet visit for UN man

Kibera, Kenya's biggest slum, and reportedly one of Africa's largest, has been basking in world media attention recently. At the recent World Social Forum, in the Kenyan capital, thousands of delegates marched through the teeming slum, calling on governments to give serious attention to the plight of a majority of their people forced to live in such terrible squalor as in Kibera.

Burning the midnight oil for Africa’s WSF

With just days to go before the seventh World Social Forum (WSF) kicks off in Nairobi, it is all systems go among the organisers, who are preparing to welcome thousands of delegates to the Kenyan capital for the January 20 to 25 gathering. The yearly forum will provide a platform for groups and individuals who oppose the current system of globalisation.

Mobile clinics roll out healthcare in Kenya

In the Mile 46 area of Kajiado in southern Kenya, roads are few and public health facilities sorely lacking. This creates several problems, not least with the immunisation of children against tuberculosis, polio and measles. Now, four mobile clinics in the region are bringing healthcare closer to residents.

Kenya’s graft woes set to dog the new year

As 2006 comes to a close, concerns over Kenya's track record in tackling corruption are deepening in the East African nation. Authorities have consistently said they are committed to the fight against graft, but civil society organisations argue that various developments indicate a lack of political will to root out corruption.

Kenya’s first land policy perhaps not the best

Historical injustices that have resulted in landlessness among Kenyans have been the focus of recent public discussions on a land policy -- the first to be drawn up in the East African country. Previously, Kenya has had no clearly defined laws on how to manage land, leading to a breakdown in land administration. Disparities in land ownership, tenure insecurity and squatting have occurred, often resulting in conflict.

‘What is the WSF? Something that will bring me medicine?’

In just two months' time the World Social Forum (WSF) will get under way in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, marking the first instance in which Africa is acting as sole host of the event. With the East African country also home to Kibera -- sometimes referred to as Africa's largest slum -- it could be argued that there is no more appropriate venue for the 2007 WSF.

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