Junaid Khan

Suicide bomber kills Pakistan official

A suicide bomber killed a provincial parliamentarian in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday after walking into the official's house along with guests.

Fresh clashes in Pakistan’s Swat valley, dozens killed

Pakistani troops killed 15 militants in fresh clashes in Swat, the army said on Tuesday, taking the death toll to 45 in five days.

Pakistani army relaxes Swat curfew, people flee

Pakistani authorities temporarily lifted a curfew on Friday to enable thousands of people to flee the fighting in the militant bastion of Swat.

Pakistanis flee offensive, Swat valley curfew eased

Pakistan's military ordered people out of parts of the Swat valley on Sunday, temporarily relaxing a curfew to enable civilians to flee an offensive.

Pakistan bombs Taliban’s Swat bastion

Pakistani planes bombed the Taliban in their Swat bastion on Friday, after the prime minister ordered the elimination of ''militants and terrorists''.

Taliban kill three in roadside bomb blast

Three civilians were killed in Pakistan's Swat Valley on Friday as government pondered its options for wresting control of the valley from militants.

Pakistani troops kill 35 militants in clash

Pakistani troops killed 35 militants in fighting in the Swat Valley north-west of Islamabad on Saturday after the militants ambushed a patrol.

Suicide bomber kills eight Pakistani policemen

A suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a police station in Pakistan's Swat Valley on Saturday, killing at least eight policemen.

Death toll mounts as Pakistan troops battle militants

More than 40 people have been killed in two days of fighting in a north-west Pakistani valley as troops seek to wipe out militants trying to enforce Taliban-style rule, the military and witnesses said on Wednesday. Major Amjad Iqbal, an army spokesperson, said 17 militants were killed in Swat valley's Shangla district in gun battles overnight.

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