Kate Kelland

Funding shortages dampen fight against Aids

UN health agencies say extraordinary progress has been made in the fight against Aids but a funding crisis is putting those gains at risk.

SMS a day keeps malaria at bay

Sending daily SMS reminders to health workers can mean nearly 25% more children are properly treated for malaria.

HIV epidemics emerge in Middle East, North Africa

Epidemics of HIV are emerging among gay and bisexual men in the Middle East and North Africa, researchers said.

Prince Charles a ‘snake-oil salesman’?

A professor of complementary medicine accused Prince Charles and other backers of alternative therapies on Monday of being "snake-oil salesmen".

Billions raised in Gates-championed vaccination drive

Donations led by the UK and Bill Gates have far exceeded the $3.7-billion targeted in a drive to fund vaccinations for children in poor countries.

Fear battles fatalism in Africa’s Aids fight

Messages from years of Aids campaigns are finally filtering down to the dingy streets of Johannesburg where sex workers turn tricks.

No method in deciphering Gaddafi’s mind

It may have become acceptable to question Muammar Gaddafi's state of mind but it's a futile exercise to try to predict his behaviour.

Fear, social change drive down Zimbabwe HIV rates

Fear of infection and social change have driven a huge decline in HIV rates in Zimbabwe, offering important lessons on how to fight the Aids pandemic.

The cost of a malaria-free world

A US-Italian scientist is tantalisingly close to delivering the world's first malaria vaccine.

Unicef says HIV-free generation achievable

A generation of babies could be born free of Aids if the international community stepped up efforts to provide universal access to HIV prevention.

Mother-baby HIV box aims to help halt transmission

It's no great medical breakthrough, just a simple colour-coded box packed with HIV drugs and pictures.

Study shows mother’s light drinking does not harm baby

Women who have one or two alcoholic drinks a week during pregnancy do not harm their children's behavioural or intellectual development.

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