Kevin Krolicki

Tepco board feels heat at AGM

Tokyo Electric Power Company faced pressure on Tuesday from angry shareholders to shut all its reactors.

Japan’s ‘throwaway’ nuclear workers

The previously undisclosed hiring of welders from the US and South-east Asia underscores the way Tokyo Electric outsourced its riskiest work.

Engineers knew tsunami could overwhelm plant

Officials and Tokyo Electric Power have described the combination of a powerful quake and tsunami as <i>soteigai</i>, or beyond expectations.

Fuel storage, safety issues vexed Japan plant

When the tsunami smacked into Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear power plant was stacked high with more uranium than it was originally designed to hold.

Japan lays power cable in race to stop radiation

Engineers attached a power cable to the outside of Japan's tsunami-crippled nuclear plant on Saturday in an attempt to get the water pumps going.

Toyota’s US sales reel from crisis as GM, Ford surge

Toyota sales dropped 16% in January as the carmaker reeled from a massive recall and rivals Ford and General Motors surged past it in the US market.

US holds Nigerian man in Detroit plane attack plan

A Nigerian man with possible links to al-Qaeda militants was in custody on Saturday after he tried to ignite an explosive device on a US plane.

Al-Qaeda-linked Nigerian tries to blow up US plane

A Nigerian man linked to al-Qaeda tried to set off an explosive device aboard a US passenger plane as it approached Detroit on Friday.

GM trundles toward bankruptcy

General Motors will file for bankruptcy on Monday, forcing the 100-year-old carmaker into a new and uncertain era of government ownership.

Chrysler to idle plants as pressure builds for aid

Chrysler said on Wednesday that it would halt factory operations for at least a month, putting new pressure on the Bush administration.

GM and Ford report deep losses

General Motors and Ford reported far deeper-than-expected quarterly losses on Friday and said their rate of cash burn had accelerated

GM posts $15,5bn loss as sales sputter

General Motors posted a ,5bn loss as North American sales dropped by 20% and plunging prices for SUVs prompted charges for its finance business.

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