Khaya Sithole

Crises drive down carbon emissions

Wars and pandemics have managed to reduce global emissions in the past but delegates to COP 26 in Scotland will need to find other solutions

Time for a Marshall Plan for South Africa

The conflation of economic, governance and health crises in the form of the recent unrest shows up the need for party-neutral reforms

Khaya Sithole: Men still prefer iron fists to be in velvet gloves

In workplaces, women who display ‘big-man’ leadership styles will experience sexist judgments

Khaya Sithole: ‘Sarafina’ doesn’t have ‘Friends’

Unlike in the United States, the way actors in South Africa are treated borders on exploitation

Khaya Sithole: State caught in a precarious balancing act

State-owned entities have to match society’s expectations with harsh economic realities

Khaya Sithole: Tax fails; a few get richer, more get poor

The Covid-19 pandemic created wealth for some, including internet entrepreneurs, and poverty for many

Khaya Sithole: Biden’s pledge boosts Covid waiver drive

But Big Pharma and the world trade body haven’t shifted on sharing vaccine intellectual property

Khaya Sithole: Drug firms addicted to profit, not cure

The opioid crisis in the US saw its beginnings in Big Pharma, one of which makes a Covid vaccine

Khaya Sithole: The real weapons of mass destruction

Ratings agencies and derivatives caused the housing bubble, but where does the next financial crisis lurk?

Khaya Sithole: Board directors are meant to sing for their supper

Current cases make it highly debatable whether those in the boardroom know what they’re doing

Khaya Sithole: SABC — about levies, licences and lobbyists

The public broadcaster needs to overhaul its funding model if it is to fulfil its mandate

Khaya Sithole: Taken for a ride by the gig economy

Better laws can stop companies such as Uber from riding roughshod over people who do work for them but are denied employment benefits

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