Kristal Duncan-Williams

Youth unemployment is a wicked problem requiring holistic solutions

Covid-19 has worsened unemployment among young adults. Fixing this endemic problem won’t be easy, but a ‘systems thinking’ lens points to the best places to start

Tackling youth unemployment requires sustained and coordinated action

Youth unemployment is not often discussed in all its complexities. Like a game of snakes and ladders, this crisis is the result of compounding roadblocks and U-turns that young South Africans face. Solving it requires coordinated action

Four lessons from youth work initiative

There is a terrific opportunity to leverage interventions such as public works programmes in a cohesive youth employment strategy

Young South Africans must co-drive unemployment solutions

Young people’s experiences should lead the way in a shared response to youth unemployment

New education certificate could help limit school dropouts

To be effective, the General Education Certificate must plug gaps, not create new ones

Second-chance matriculants need support

There is a programme for people to rewrite their national certificate outside of the school system, but they aren’t monitored and they need a study material portal, free data and academic support

South Africa’s digital divide detrimental to the youth

Without the means to leverage lockdown as a time to grow, Covid-19 reinforces how access to data remains a barrier to young people’s progress

Young people must help design a youth employment plan

A six-point plan will help to drive the president’s youth employment intervention but it is essential that the experiences of young people are prioritised in its design and delivery

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