Kwanele Sosibo

Jocks in brief

Kwanele Sosibo sniffs out the latest underwear trends.

Outside Lagos

The new edition of Chimurenga magazine explores 'Nigerianness', which is described as 'an overriding descriptor of black people in the negative'. Kwanele Sosibo speaks to the Magazine's editor, Ntone Edjabe.

Cautious, but more refined

<b>CD OF THE WEEK: </b>On his sophomore offering, <i>Late Registration</i>, rapper/producer Kanye West treads similar ground to his inaugural release <i>College Dropout</i>, albeit slightly more refined, writes Kwanele Sosibo.

Pro Kid’s calling

Known for his defiant freestyles, boyish charms and musical flow, Pro Kid speaks to Kwanele Sosibo about 'coming up in the game' and why he can't give up the mic.

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