Kwanele Sosibo

Pelican fantasy: How the iconic Soweto club influenced South African music

A nighttime haunt in the backstreets of Orlando run by a well-known bootlegger should have been a prime zone for nefarious underworld activities. Instead, it nurtured an underground of a different kind

Robbie Shakespeare: A manipulator of space and sound

A master of a sparse, propulsive style, Robbie Shakespeare’s bass spoke volumes

Robbie Shakespeare: A silence louder than a bomb

A master of feel, Robbie Shakespeare’s bass spoke through the silence

The bleak shelter of Yellow Shade

Dimakatso Sedite’s poems emerge from the shattered futures of South Africa’s townships

Bra Herbie’s instinctive time travels

Jazz is the winner as Herbie Tsoaeli updates his explorations of time in his new album

Spinning into control

Original Creative Breed’s new documentary tracks the trajectory of the underground automotive sport

Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko, Come In shapeshifts into another dimension

Koleka Putuma’s triumphant adaptation allows audience to see stagecraft influence poetry

The many faces of death

The grief of others can ease our pain in these calamitous times

Revisiting Planet Jabba

For a man to whom music was a mission, the local industry ultimately proved too narrow

Open City: The art of invading Jo’burg

FNB Art Joburg director Mandla Sibeko speaks to Kwanele Sosibo about this year’s Open City, during which unlikely spots are turned into art spaces

Inside the head of a Mutant

A film more about an entire culture than one man’s place in it, Mutant gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bigger than hip-hop’

Aftermath: Bilious fumes and heavenly skies

Khubu Zulu wanted a way to deal with PTSD and landed on an accidental practice

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