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Kwanele Sosibo

Open City: The art of invading Jo’burg

FNB Art Joburg director Mandla Sibeko speaks to Kwanele Sosibo about this year’s Open City, during which unlikely spots are turned into art spaces

Inside the head of a Mutant

A film more about an entire culture than one man’s place in it, Mutant gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bigger than hip-hop’

Aftermath: Bilious fumes and heavenly skies

Khubu Zulu wanted a way to deal with PTSD and landed on an accidental practice

Deliver Me from waiting

Confined to demarcated spaces, delivery bike rider Paul Mwase has few moments of release. Deliver Me captures this liminality with beauty and empathy

[BR]OTHER: Xenophobia born of dreams deferred

A new book of images and essays about the Afrophobic violence in South Africa attempts to take the narrative forward

Somi’s Holy Room breaks the sounds of silence

Somi’s latest album, recorded live with a big band, was released as an ode to music-starved fans and empty theatres

Bunny Wailer – the stone that the builders refused

Not as commercially successful as his bandmates, Bunny Wailer was a consummate songwriter

The Portfolio: Deseni Soobben

Deseni Soobben’s sensibilities have changed over the years, but she keeps revisiting the composition and design techniques she learned from her mentors

The many guises of Rami Chuene

Author, actress, philanthropist, singer and translator Rami Chuene fits a lot into her life

The Portfolio: Vulane Mthembu

Well versed in many styles, the producer drew on vintage drum ’n bass to win an international remix competition

Lerato Shadi: The body, the land and the toll of unsung labour

The artist continues to give voice to unrecognised labour through her expanding practice that includes durational performance, installation and video work

‘Ethos’ and ‘Caryatis’ by George Tatakis reveal a rich tapestry of Greek tradition

As he travels the length and breadth of the country, George Tatakis uses a painterly approach to photography that breathes new life into the traditions and culture of rural Greece

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