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Pill-popping insomniacs need an urgent wake-up call

One in 10 Britons regularly take a drug to help them to sleep. But is it time to stop popping zopiclone, temazepam and other tablets?

Sanitisers score hand over fist

The popularity of saniters has as much to do with health as fashion and the jury is out over their efficacy, writes Laura Barton.

A world awash with germs

Only one in 10 people wash their hands after going to the toilet yet as a society we have never found the idea of germs more disgusting.

The truth about health drinks

They're big business, but not all consumers seem to be aware that some health drinks contain more sugar than a bottle of Coke.

Idle tittle-tattle not so idle

"Gossip," the grande dame of rumourmongers, Liz Smith, once noted, "is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress."

The business of sleep

The days following Heath Ledger's death have swirled with speculation, with tales of hard drugs and prescription pills, of anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. Amid all the mutterings about heroin abuse and cocaine addiction, it is the sleeping pills that seem most startling. Ledger, plagued by the chronic insomnia that often accompanies depression, had apparently come to rely on medication to get him to sleep.

Press Releases

Brand South Africa’s statement in response to allegations of corruption

The Board of Trustees and the Management of Brand South Africa have undertaken to investigate any allegations presented against it

Grants for the production of Covid-19-relevant medical and pharmaceutical products: call for proposals

Winning innovative projects may be supported with a grant expected to range from €50 000 to to €200 000 depending on whether your initiative is for- or non-profit

WiMSA shines a light on the future of women in mining

Men in mining must begin to take it upon themselves to support the development of women in the industry

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure reveals second gender-based violence advocacy artwork

The men and boys of South Africa are important role players in this mission to ensure that women are respected, protected and treated equally

Empowering the voice of women in leadership to enable full participation in their roles in leadership and decision making

Sibanye-Stillwater has 13% female representation in its workforce and is actively working to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Surviving the tobacco ban

Nicotine is given as the ‘likely’ reason for lower Covid-19 infection rates but authorities still stress the health risk of smoking

Smokers hold thumbs for cigarette ban to be lifted

SATTA is worried about the impact of the ban on its own members activities and how the ban is helping black marketeers to make millions of rands illegally

Covid-19: Outlook on the economy, politics and labour

Old Mutual had experts unpack the effects of the pandemic and provide practical tips on how to deal with the financial impact of job losses and salary cuts

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