Lauren Shantall

Rose-coloured spectacle

Brett Bailey's <i>The Prophet</i> is strange, crowd-pulling stuff. But Lauren Shantall finds it hard to be amazed yet again.

Let the festival begin

The success of the National Arts Festival is yet another demonstration of how we as South Africans can reach into the diversity of a past division and conflict, and transform it into a celebration of our richness and our unity within that diversity." It was with these words that Nelson Mandela officially opened the 25th Grahamstown festival around lunchtime today.

Salt River’s hidden gem

'So what are you cooking tonight?” Now that's a question to whet your appetite, writes Lauren Shantall.

Feed your karma

The food of the Hare Krishna movement is reliably good, always fresh and surprisingly cheap writes Lauren Shantall.

All that glitters

Contemporary goldsmiths elevate their craft to an enticing art. Lauren Shantall reviews Low Lustre - High Art.

The good, the bad and the cheesy

This year's festival proudly boasts six of the worst films ever made. Pass the popcorn, says Lauren Shantall.

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