Laurent Lozano
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/ 10 January 2008

Bush sees Middle East peace treaty in a year

United States President George Bush on Thursday predicted the signing of a Middle East peace treaty in a year and called for an end to Israel’s four-decade occupation of Palestinian land. Giving an assessment of his talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders over the past two days, he said it was time for both to make ”difficult choices”.

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/ 22 October 2006

Bush, top brass rethink Iraq strategy

Amid a surge in United States soldier deaths and under increasing pressure to change course in Iraq, President George Bush has met top military commanders to mull possible adjustments to US strategy, the White House said. The meeting came as the country experiences one of the deadliest months for US troops in Iraq since 2003.

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/ 10 April 2006

Bush: Iran attack reports ‘wild speculation’

The United States wants to settle the Iran nuclear crisis through diplomacy, President George Bush said on Monday, describing reports of plans to attack Iran as ”wild speculation”. While the White House is still warning Iran about its uranium enrichment, the administration went out of its way on Monday to play down reports of planning for military strikes.

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/ 16 March 2006

Bush’s place in history hangs on crisis in Iraq

President George Bush’s place in history — standard-bearer or war-mongerer — is perhaps being decided at this moment in Iraq, three years after the United States-led invasion. Bush recognised the gravity of the current situation in Iraq by saying that Iraqis were at ”a moment of choosing.” But in the end they had turned away from ”the abyss” of civil war, he said.

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/ 22 February 2005

Toll rises in Iran quake

More than 270 people were killed when a huge earthquake struck Iran before dawn on Tuesday, leaving distraught villagers to claw through the rubble of their homes in search of missing family and friends. Officials warned that the casualty toll could rise further as rain and blocked roads made it difficult to reach stricken mountain villages in the south-eastern province of Kerman.