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How to meet your soul mate in the air

The French businessman flying in China wants his airplane seat mate to be a woman who will escort him during his ''lonely after-work evening''. An American woman wouldn't mind meeting her ''soul mate'' on her plane trip. Thanks to the internet, these travellers might get to choose their ideal travel partners in their next voyage.

Post watchdog says Woodward committed ‘sin’

The Washington Post's editorial watchdog slammed legendary reporter Bob Woodward on Sunday for committing a journalistic ''sin'' by keeping from his paper what he knew in a CIA leak case that has rocked the White House. The newspaper's ombudsman, Deborah Howell, said Woodward should follow the same rules as other Post journalists despite the fame he has garnered since his prize-winning work in the Watergate scandal.

New Orleans invites residents back to wrecked city

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is inviting residents of his hurricane-wracked city to return by next week, as hundreds of thousands remained homeless along the Gulf of Mexico. ''Come in, inspect your property, if you want to stay, you're free to stay,'' Nagin said on Wednesday.

New Orleans warned over new tropical storm

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin on Monday suspended the return of the stricken city's population as a new storm bore down on the coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina. At the same time, authorities in Florida ordered the evacuation of several islands in the Keys chain off the south coast because of Tropical Storm Rita.

Bush in Louisiana as toll rises and popularity plummets

United States President George Bush was to head back to storm-wracked New Orleans on Thursday as his popularity plumbed new lows and the death toll from Hurricane Katrina rose further. Bush was to make a prime time speech to spell out long-term plans for rebuilding the three Gulf of Mexico states -- Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi -- that were pummelled by the hurricane.

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