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Rousing funeral for Venezuela’s Chavez

Venezuela gave late leader Hugo Chavez a lavish farewell that brought some of the world's most notorious strongmen to tears.

New Libyan leader elected as Nato clears the skies

Libya's NTC has elected a technocrat to head its transitional government as Nato ended the air campaign that played a major role in ousting Gaddafi.

Nato battles fatigue three months into Libya war

After three months of air strikes in Libya, the Nato alliance is showing growing signs of fatigue and discord with no end in sight in the conflict.

Nato ministers meet on Libya as air strikes intensify

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers gathered on Thursday in Berlin amid calls for increased air strikes on Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

Split leaves Nato on sidelines of Libya strikes

A push by several allies for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to take over operations in Libya ran into resistance from France on Monday.

West mobilises for Libya air strikes

A coalition of Western nations mobilised on Friday to launch quick air strikes against Libya after the United Nations approved military action.

Cold War foes sign nuclear pact

Two years after Washington vowed to "reset" ties with Russia, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to launch a landmark nuclear pact.

EU hammers Iran with new sanctions

The European Union hammered Iran on Monday with fresh sanctions against its vital energy sector.

Even space shuttle takes shelter from Ernesto

Nasa moved the Atlantis shuttle off its Florida launch pad on Tuesday to protect it from Tropical Storm Ernesto, a change that threatens plans to lift off this month. The storm began intensifying on Tuesday as it left Haiti, where it killed two people, and Cuba to head over open water toward south Florida.

Astronauts await green light to return to Earth

Discovery's six astronauts will learn on Sunday whether they have the final all-clear to fly home as analysts examined the space shuttle's heat shield for potential micro-meteorite impacts. Nasa declared Discovery's left wing free of damage on Saturday, hours after the shuttle undocked from the International Space Station.

Astronauts complete repair on space station

Two spacewalking astronauts on Monday replaced broken hardware deemed crucial for the completion of the International Space Station, a new success for Nasa in the six-day-old Discovery shuttle mission. Astronauts Mike Fossum and Piers Sellers replaced a broken cable reel of the orbiting laboratory's construction equipment transporter.

Discovery astronauts start spacewalk ‘ballet’

Two astronauts floated out of the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday to repair equipment crucial for the completion of the orbiting laboratory. Astronauts Mike Fossum and Piers Sellers, who arrived at the ISS last week aboard the Discovery shuttle with five other colleagues, started the second of three planned spacewalks.

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