Leonie Joubert

A bittersweet remedy

Alternative medicine: What's the harm in a bit of placebo effect, dressed up as a legitimate remedy?

Earth rising

Consider how radically an understanding of the heavens has changed; how we view ourselves and our place in the universe.

Unplugged in the ‘burbs’

The artisans of the world have got the rest of us by the balls, from plumbers to tilers to electricians.

Foraging for a convertible

Ten years after emigrating to the Mother City from the Eastern Cape, I still can't quite get used to the gulf between the "haves" and the "have nots".

Robben Island rabbits on the run

Bottom line is: We've changed the world around us, sometimes disastrously and irreparably. Someone has to take responsibility for the mess we've made.

Bitter memories made sweet

There's a dove outside the window. Crwoooo... Or is it a pigeon? I never can tell.

My cousin’s a chimpanzee

It's not often that a national monument gets to fast-track that awkward birds-'n-bees conversation.

Essop’s climate change

Leonie Joubert chats to former provincial environment minister Tasneem Essop after her sudden departure from politics .

Sipping tea with the devil

Leonie Joubert to lucifer: You make it easier for us to live with ourselves. It's easier to hold that an external agency paved the way for us.

Fairy-tale princesses and Olympic fakes

What makes a woman attractive is how feminine her face looks -- and that's probably linked to fertility.

Stormy weather

The so-called ''consensus'' view (the mainstream view that climate change is being caused by humans) is not reached by democratic decision-making.

The immovable power of flimflam

I have decided to become a fairaeologist -- one who studies fairies. I believe I see fairies. I'm sure they exist.

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