Leonie Joubert

Day Zero: Lessons for cities in Global South

For Cape Town to survive, it needs more than just a good technical approach to managing water

Water usage lessons from Namibia

In Namibia, the national government has piped water to many remote villages and put them in charge of distribution and payment

Mopane worms sound climate alert

The caterpillars are a vital source of protein and income but are being overharvested

A climate of change for cash cows

Understanding why farmers in Southern Africa are reluctant to cash in their investment is key to mitigating the effects of climate change

Restoring water catchment areas leaves us flush

Spending on catchment areas provides solutions to the problems of water supply and demand, write Kristal Maze and Leonie Joubert.

COP in or COP-out?

Climate change negotiations are like a 17-year group effort to write a book. Will Durban close a chapter?

Green paper is short on detail

Without measurable targets, how are we going to achieve our climate change goals?

The invisible refugee

The term “refugee” isn't one governments want to talk about in the context of climate change

The big carbon conundrum

There's something incongruous about the fact that Denmark is hosting this year's United Nations Climate Summit in December.

Pseudo-science: warts and all

We've evolved to have the pattern-recognition software in our brains, even if it sometimes leads us to false conclusions.

Terror on two wheels

As long as two-wheelers have to share the road with four-wheelers, it's clear who will come off second best.

Darwin and the chicken’s egg

Darwin showed how natural forces explain the origins of life. This was not a world that needed a divine sculptor.

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