Lester Kiewit

Sona protestors out early to get their voices heard

Various groups are picketing in hopes of getting President Cyril Ramaphosa to address their concerns

Politics take centre stage at Clifton Parly inquiry

Monday’s parliamentary meeting descended into political point-scoring between ANC and opposition MPs

Cape’s race tensions fuel ‘Wexit’

Several political movements in the Western Cape are calling for greater autonomy for the province

‘Politicians woo us, but don’t stop Cape Flat gangs’

'I’ve only got one message for politicians: don’t come and waste my time talking to me'

De Lille still miffed by DA’s actions

But she has stepped back from making a direct challenge while her Good party weighs its chances

Marais makes comeback as FF+ Western Cape Premier candidate

The Freedom Front Plus describes Marais as the Western Cape’s most experienced politician, adding he will keep the Democratic Alliance on its toes

Safe spaces increase the chances of recovery

Being an addict on the street is hard, the two men say. But trying to break the habit is the hardest

Down and out in the Mother City

Homeless people and addicts have moved to the city centre because it’s safer and they are not harassed as much

No rush to fast-track expropriation Bill

​Parliament says there’ll be no rush to finalise an amendment to section 25 of the Constitution before the legislature dissolves before the elections

Political parties parlay people’s expectations to get to Parliament … pfft

From the good, the bad to the United Moral Movement for the Advancement for All, South African voters are spoilt for choice

ANC is playing it safe in the Western Cape

The ANC’s Western Cape list has not yet been made public, but it is understood that veteran provincial legislator Cameron Dugmore tops the list

Contentious traditional leadership Bill passed

In November last year, the traditional leadership Bill was passed by the National Assembly

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