Maev Kennedy

Expert finds SA painting valued at £1m in London kitchen

An art expert discovered the Irma Stern painting, once sold to help fund Nelson Mandela's legal defence, being used as a noticeboard in a London flat.

Game of Thrones author gives fans the finger

Fans of George RR Martin's books want to know if he'll live long enough to give them an end to the series, a question he finds pretty offensive.

Exploding supernovas of passion: the bad sex awards

Mathematics professor scoops bad sex award with "quirky" and "wildly experimental" scenes of lust.

Freud’s sofa not so good

The Freud Museum in London has launched an appeal on the 157th anniversary of his birth for funds to reupholster the famous couch.

Silk cape out of spider’s web

It has taken eight years and more than one million Madagascar golden orb spiders to create a work of art.

‘Tough’ Giffords back at scene of shooting

The survivor of a shooting, US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returns to the scene of the crime a year after 19 people were gunned down in Arizona.

Making a wordy living

Kelly, a local government finance adviser becomes Britain's national Scrabble champion.

Host of Christmas past

In true Dickensian style, a magnificent gift has arrived at the doorstep of Charles Dickens's only surviving London home.

Bone to pick with sensitive museums

Museums are increasingly getting cold feet about exhibiting human bodies and body parts, despite surveys showing great public interest.

An exhibition of fakes and mistakes

The National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square is about to open its worst exhibition ever.

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