Maggie Davey

The Portfolio: Maggie Davey

Jacana Media was established in 2002. We are the preeminent independent publishing firm in South Africa. We’re devoted to our authors’ imaginations, both in...

Department of homeland brutality

It is not the vast potholes outside the department of home affairs in Randburg that lie in wait for me, nor the ad hoc middle men and women in the selfsame cul de sac whom I initially shied from, having faith both in my ability to queue and the slow rumbling of home affairs machinery. Nor was it the years now of waiting for what is known in the business as a vault birth certificate: the only vault I know of is the one I feel fit for, writes Maggie Davey.

Jo’burg’s jazzy Juliet

Maggie Davey looks back at the life of legend Juliet Prowse and wonders what the problem is with the local stars of today.

A vote of confidence

It seems literary prizes are a dime dozen these days. While prizes help support literature and help to increase the audience for new and worthy voices, there are other ways too, writes Jacana publisher Maggie Davey.

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