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Numsa responds

The M&G has obtained a copy of the submission by the National Union of Metalworkers to facilitators conducting an inquiry into the problems in Cosatu.

Ten things about surveillance

The word comes from the French, meaning to look or watch over (veiller; to watch or keep watch, as in a sentry; sur: over or above)

SPIKE: Ten things about June 16 1976

The day on which black South African school pupils rose up against "Bantu education" is now celebrated as Youth Day.

Ten things about circumcision

The practice, which entails the removal of part or all of the foreskin of the penis, is widespread among Southern Africans as an initiation rite.

Ten things about guns in South Africa estimates that there are six million guns in South Africa, roughly 12 for every 100 people.

Increasing uncertainty drives away investors

Resource nationalism is having a direct effect on commodity prices, making them more volatile and threatening global security.

Ten things about New Year

The earliest records of New Year festivities go back to the Babylonians about 4000 years ago.

10 things about…Christmas

December 25 was also traditionally the birthday of the Persian god Mithra, known as the Sun of Righteousness and Lord of Light.

Ten things about Mangaung

Mangaung is the municipality in which the city of Bloemfontein is situated; the city is also erroneously referred to as Mangaung.

Ten things about James Bond

This year is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise, which began with Dr No in 1962.

Ten things about Syria

The Mail & Guardian brings you ten facts you might have not konwn about Syria.

Ten things about defamation

The Law of South Africa dictionary defines defamation as a statement that "has the effect of injuring a plaintiff's reputation".

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