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Ten things about social pacts

Social pacts grow from social contract theory, which goes back to the great Enlightenment philosophers of the 1600s and 1700s.

Ten things about presidential debates

The US debate tradition began in 1858 when, during the senatorial campaign, Abraham Lincoln challenged an opponent from the audience.

Ten things about national anthems

South Africa's national anthem is the only one in the world to contain stanzas in five different languages. Read more facts about national anthems.

Steve Biko trends on Twitter

While the world was tweeting about the new iPhone on Wednesday, South Africans were sharing thoughts about Steve Biko on Twitter.

Women ignored in tragedy at Marikana

The Marikana saga exposes the injustice raging in our society, writes a group of organisations that work with marginalised people.

Ten things about Cosatu

Cosatu is the biggest union federation in the country, followed by the Federation of Unions of South Africa with about 400 000 members.

Ten things about the Non-Aligned Movement

We bring you ten facts about the Non-Aligned Movement which was founded by a group of countries that refused to take sides in the Cold War.

Smoothing out cosmetics

One of the objectives of the IDC's Women Entrepreneurial Fund is to encourage the participation of women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Forging an entrenched position

Xuma Technologies is a great example of how entrepreneurial spirit has been supported by the IDC's Women Entrepreneurial Fund (WEF).

Fostering entrepreneurship

The quality of studies specifically into entrepreneurial activities present a fairly accurate picture of performance against international benchmarks.

Less talk, more action at the IDC

As Women's Month draws to a close, Meryl Mamathuba of the IDC doesn't have the luxury of reflecting on the events of the past four weeks.

Women In Science 2012

The Department of Science and Technology hosts the Women in Science Awards to recognise the achievements of SA women scientists and researchers.

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