Mandisi Majavu

Racism in South Africa: why the ANC has failed to dismantle patterns of white privilege

It is a historical fact that the economic prosperity of whites in South Africa is based on the racist exploitation and impoverishment of blacks

A racist massacre in Godzone

Despite its image as a friendly and welcoming country, New Zealand is a settler colonial society with a history of exclusivity

Xenophobia still smoulders in Cape townships

''These foreign people come to South Africa with nothing, but tomorrow he has cash, third day he owns a shop and fourth day he has a car.''

The Native Club versus the status quo

In an essay entitled The Dilemma of the Black Intellectual, Cornel West writes of black intellectuals: ''An intelligentsia without institutionalised critical consciousness is blind, and critical consciousness severed from collective insurgency is empty. The central task of … black intellectuals is to stimulate, hasten, and enable alternative perceptions.''

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