Margot Bertelsmann

Faith is a feminist issue for women in the Catholic church

Women are not permitted to be deacons in the Catholic Church, but that could soon change

Ms-ing the point

Miss Lucy Mangan's case for using the title Miss instead of Ms (''The meaning of Ms'') is that she's run out of the requisite adolescent fervour to sustain the practice into adulthood. Mangan's mother clearly was not one of the ''British feminists in the 1970s and early 1980s'' to whom she refers. I grew up with the idea that Ms was the norm. And so it should be.

Look to the log in your own eye, Britain

Yes, Prince Harry's recent donning of a Nazi uniform to a fancy-dress party was a blunder of magnificent proportions. Not so much because a naive young boy cannot be expected to display significant lapses in sensitivity and good taste; no, Harry's failure must also be partly attributable to those around him -- and even the attitudes of a society as a whole.

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