Maria Isabel Sanchez

Venezuela opposition prepares protest, presses for aid to be let in

Opposition leader and self declared president Juan Guaido will lead a rally in Caracas but demonstrations have been called all over the country

Guaido boosted by Europe backing in Venezuela standoff

Britain, France and Spain were among 16 EU nations to side with Guaido, following in the footsteps of key regional powers and the United States

US wades in as Venezuela rips apart

Trump backed the president’s challenger, but the army and Russia are firmly behind Maduro

Regional powers back Maduro opponent as Venezuela leader

​The US and other major countries are backing Venezuela's new self proclaimed acting president in repudiation of President Nicolas Maduro

Tensions rising in Venezuela ahead of rival protests

In calling on government supporters to take part in a counter-rally, Maduro's right-hand man Diosdado Cabello suggested the regime would hold fast

Trump threatens Venezuela with ‘economic actions’

The US president threatened swift action if its leader pushes on with an unpopular bid to change his country's constitution.

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