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Israel shrugs off calls for arrest of top spy

Israel on Friday shrugged off calls for its top spy to be arrested over the killing of a Hamas commander.

Israel braces for UN debate on Gaza war report

Israel braced on Wednesday for what is expected to be a bruising UN debate on a report that accuses the Jewish state and Hamas of war crimes.

Olmert vows to prove his innocence

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert on Friday made his first court appearance on charges of graft, vowing he would prove his innocence.

Plot thickens over Israeli PM’s secret trip

The plot thickened on Thursday over a secret trip by Israel's prime minister, as his office admitted it had misled the public about his whereabouts.

Israel prepares diplomatic ground for Gaza strikes

Israel has launched a diplomatic campaign to gather international support for a major offensive on Hamas-ruled Gaza, officials said on Monday.

Israel PM diagnosed with prostate cancer

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced on Monday he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer requiring surgery but vowed to stay in office, confident of a full recovery. ''Following the results of a regular check-up, I was diagnosed with initial signs of prostate cancer,'' the 62-year-old prime minister told a packed news conference in Jerusalem.

Israel on high alert

Israel went on a heightened state of alert on Friday amid fears of Palestinian suicide bombings following a lethal shelling in the Gaza Strip and as gay people staged a controversial rally in Jerusalem. Palestinian groups that had observed a near-two-year truce in attacks inside Israel called for a resumption of suicide bombings.

Israel faces public-relations disaster over air raids

Israel is worried about getting bogged down in a foreign public-relations disaster following a series of botched air raids over the Gaza Strip that killed a number of civilians and children. Despite pledges to continue air raids as the best means to stop rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip, diplomatic officials abroad are coming in for a rough ride.

Israel to muster US support for border plans

Newly installed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert set his sights on Friday on a visit to Washington to win United States support for his plan to redraw Israel's borders and leave parts of the West Bank. Olmert, whose four-party coalition was sworn in on Thursday, will leave for the US on May 21, making his first overseas trip as prime minister.

The dead sea is ‘dying’

The Dead Sea is dying, with the world's saltiest water body threatened by a lack of fresh water and an increasingly tense political situation, environmentalists have warned. The bare, sun-baked landscape around the Dead Sea has since Biblical times been fed by the Jordan river's fresh water.

Israel confirms deadly H5N1 bird flu

Israel on Friday confirmed that the deadly H5N1 bird-flu strain had been found in thousands of poultry, as five people were admitted to hospital and the authorities moved to cull multiple flocks of fowl. Battling the country's first outbreak of bird flu, the authorities ordered poultry in a quarantined area in the southern Negev desert to be exterminated.

Israel looks to speed up pull-out plans

The Israeli government was looking on Wednesday to accelerate its preparations for the pull-out from the Gaza Strip as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon voiced concern about the state of readiness. Sharon was chairing a meeting of a committee specially formed to prepare for the pull-out.

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