Mark Lawson

A $33-million nose-wrinkler

One might think a movie called Number 5 is a low-budget work by an austere auteur who regards narrative titles as suspiciously commercial: one to four were probably 8mm experimental pieces he made in film school. But Number 5 is, at an estimated -million a minute, the biggest-budget movie ever made and could hardly be more commercial.

Stupid Cupid

Richard Curtis's Britain is a strange place where middle-class, floppy-haired folk go in search of love — usually in the snow on Christmas Eve. Mark Lawson reports.

A new dream rises from Ground Zero

The argument over what should be built on the mass-murder scene where the World Trade Centre once stood was, in essence, a fight between selling and telling.

Sniper terror leads to frightening home truths

The United States's idea of itself has often been expressed in the theory that anyone could become president. This has never been quite true but, during the fortnight of the Washington snipers, the country finally became, in a horrible way, a pure democracy.

One giant leap for conspiricists

It's a key belief of conspiracy theorists that the state has shady powers, and so it was remarkable to be told this week that Britain's head of state may share such fears.

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