Mark Lawson

Attica Locke’s double-barrelled saga

Culture wars in the United States form the backdrop to this taut political cliffhanger.

Well boiled: Philip Marlowe’s long hello again

The 23rd novel by the Irish writer John Banville feels like the literary equivalent of Winston Churchill's description of Russia.

How to be cool: Less ?is Elmore

Elmore Leonard’s slang-slung writing style was ?celebrated for "leaving out the bits that readers skip".

Carl Hiaasen’s monkey antics

There is a confidence, economy and enjoyability to "Bad Monkey" that give the impression of a writer back in love with his franchise.

Rankin’s favourite DI is back on the beat

The 28th work of fiction from Scotland's most successful crime writer turns on five ominous disappearances.

Son of HAL feeds on fear

<em>The Fear Index</em>, a financial what-if, takes place entirely on the day that the Blair-Brown years officially ended: May 6 2010, election day.

After Freud, the camera will rule supreme

The death of Lucien Freud highlights a specific crisis in the art of the ­traditional portrait.

The documentary’s last stand

Is this a good time for factual film-making? It depends on your definitions of fact and film.

Bin Laden: the everywhere and nowhere man

Instead of disguising himself in time-honoured fugitive tradition, this terrorist enjoyed provoking his enemies by distributing images of his face.

Villainy afoot in the Vatican

From the facetious British foreign office memo writers to prophetic novelists, the pope and Catholicism have become the evil force of choice.

Existential angst gets a feel-good spin

Bad times call for upbeat slogans, producers seem to think, no matter what the film is really about, writes Mark Lawson.

Is this what Michael Jackson would have wanted?

Until this week, the stand-out detail about the director Kenny Ortega was his habit of fining cast and crew a dollar for yawning on his sets.

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