Mark Sherman
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/ 12 May 2008

US court allows apartheid lawsuit to proceed

The United States Supreme Court said on Monday that it cannot intervene in an important dispute over the rights of apartheid victims to sue US corporations in US courts because four of the nine justices had to sit out the case over apparent conflicts. The result is that a lawsuit accusing some prominent companies of violating international law will go forward.

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/ 2 December 2006

Supreme Court takes ‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’ case

The United States Supreme Court stepped into a dispute over free speech rights on Friday involving a suspended high school student and his banner that proclaimed ”Bong Hits 4 Jesus”. Justices agreed to hear the appeal by the Juneau, Alaska, school board and principal Deborah Morse of a lower court ruling that allowed the student’s civil rights lawsuit to proceed.

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/ 22 February 2006

Glitches bedevil FBI’s new computer system

The FBI’s latest attempt to modernise its computers is running behind schedule and its budget already has exceeded the cost of the last failed effort. FBI Director Robert Mueller and other officials have refused to disclose the anticipated cost of the Sentinel program, which will not be fully in place until 2009.

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/ 7 June 2005

US won’t ‘target’ medicinal marijuana smokers

Americans who smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes aren’t likely to be pursued by federal authorities, despite a ruling by the top United States court that these users could face federal charges, people on both sides of the issue say. ”We have never targeted the sick and dying,” a Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson said.