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Mark Stevenson

‘He didn’t eat her; he just cut her body up’

An aspiring writer who left a horror scene of body parts in his apartment was arraigned last Thursday on charges of murder and desecrating a corpse after he allegedly cut up and ate part of his girlfriend's body. But he refused to make a formal plea, saying: ''I can't get my thoughts together right now.''

Monster hurricane moves in over Mexico

Hurricane Dean strengthened into a category-five storm capable of catastrophic damage on Monday night as its first rain and winds began hitting the coasts of Mexico and Belize. Thousands of tourists fled the beaches of the Mayan Riviera as the fast-moving storm roared toward the Yucatan Peninsula.

No marlin on the menu – fishing battle goes green

Sports fishermen better known for battling marlin with rod and reel now are defending their beloved game fish by launching a high-profile campaign to convince diners not to order marlin at restaurants, under the slogan: ''No Marlin on the Menu!'' With stocks of the spike-nosed marlin becoming smaller and harder to find even in the Pacific.

Hurricane John makes landfall in Mexico

Fierce but compact Hurricane John slammed into a stretch of sparsely populated desert on Mexico's Baja California peninsula, its most dangerous winds failing to extend far enough to touch the glittering twin resorts of Los Cabos. ''Fortunately ... we don't have a direct hit,'' said Luis Armando Diaz, mayor of the municipality.

‘Shoot me! You’d be doing me a favour’

Survivors told of a deadly wall of flame that swept through a cellblock crowded with youth gang members in Honduras, killing 103 of them and sending fleeing inmates -- many with limbs on fire -- scrambling over the bodies of their dead comrades. The death toll was expected to rise; 103 of the 186 inmates died outright, and 23 more were hospitalised with severe burns.

Mexico quietly eliminates death penalty

Mexico quietly moved to eliminate the death penalty from its military justice codes, hours before the International Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday that the United States violated the rights of 51 Mexicans on death row. The world court case was Mexican President Vicente Fox's way of formally protesting US death sentences.

Aristide calls for help as rebels strike again

Former soldiers took Haiti's rebellion to the key central city of Hinche, torching the police station and freeing prisoners as President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appealed for international help to end a bloody uprising. Rebels have driven police out of more than a dozen towns in 12 days. <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Aristide vows to complete mandate</a>

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