Mark Weston

Revolutionaries turn to healthcare

After ousting a dictator, members of Sudan’s resistance committees are now helping to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

How to tackle Covid-19 in informal settlements

It’s difficult to enforce a lockdown in informal settlements, and social distancing may be impossible. New ideas are needed

Coronavirus reaches Sudan, one of the countries least equipped to cope with it

After years of neglect, the country’s health service was already under water. With fewer than 200 critical care beds, doctors say Covid-19 will ‘sink’ Sudan

Living in the midst of revolution: A homage to Khartoum

In 2019, the residents of Sudan’s capital have witnessed a revolution, a counter-revolution, celebrations, brutal massacres and the fall of a dictator

Broken windows and HIV: a different approach

<img src="" align=left>Governments should recognise that behaviour is influenced by its social context. In a disordered society where anything goes, individuals are more likely to make reckless decisions. But where there is order, and respect for others, fateful choices such as whether to use a condom are liable to swing in favour of protecting one's partner, and HIV transmission can be reduced.

Safe sex sucks

In the fight against Aids, prevention still matters, but prevention programmes in Africa have so far largely failed. "Safe sex" messages promoting abstinence or condom use have been largely ignored. Most Africans, like most Europeans, have sex young, often and with a variety of partners. Few regularly use condoms.

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