Marta Falconi

China the world’s top executioner, says rights group

A human rights group said on Wednesday that China retained its position as the world's top executioner in 2008.

Leonardo da Vinci, the matchmaker?

Five hundred years ago, your best bet for a dream match would have been getting your portrait done by Leonardo da Vinci.

Can priest be tried for saying Jesus existed?

An Italian judge heard arguments from lawyers on Friday on whether a small-town parish priest should stand trial for asserting that Jesus Christ existed. The priest's accuser, an atheist, says the Roman Catholic Church has been deceiving people for 2 000 years with a fable that Christ existed and he accused the priest of violating two laws by furthering the assertion.

Art experts, clerics debunk Da Vinci Code in ‘trial’

Art experts and conservative clerics are holding an unusual ''trial'' in the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci. Concerned about the legions of fans of The Da Vinci Code who take claims in the book as gospel truth, the mock tribunal aims to sort out fact from fiction. The event in Vinci, just outside Florence, was to begin late on Friday.

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