Martin Plaut

How the glow of the historic accord between Ethiopia and Eritrea has faded

A year ago Eritreans could hardly contain their joy as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed touched down in Asmara. The city had seen nothing like...

How foreign backing is keeping Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir in power

Given the range of support for President Omar al-Bashir, it isn't surprising that he's managed to resist pressure to step down

Revealed: Margaret Thatcher’s ‘Marshall Plan for southern Africa’

To get Nelson Mandela released and save Namibia's independence elections, Thatcher proposed a massive aid programme.

As pressure mounts, President Zuma blames an old enemy: Western intelligence agencies

President Jacob Zuma has survived an attempt to remove him, and argued that it was a conspiracy.

Clerics on a peace mission in CAR

Christian and Muslim leaders have joined forces on a European peace mission to put a stop to the killings in Central African Republic.

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