Martinique Stilwell

Breast cancer’s ‘magic bullet’ misfires for younger women

It seems counterintuitive, but mammograms may do more harm than good to women under 50.

Science of sleep: Getting ZZZs isn’t as easy as ABC

For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how we sleep. They have their theories, but the bottom line is that you need eight hours a day.

The brave new world of the egg trade

South Africa has long been a destination for fertility tourists. Now agencies are recruiting SA women to fuel India's burgeoning surrogacy business.

Drug-induced comas: Miracles on the edge of oblivion

Sending you into a drug-induced coma is the job of the anaesthetist at the head of the table, writes Martinique Stilwell.

Dispatches: The bookstore with no name

Tucked away in suburban dullsville Martinique Stilwell discovers a magical treasure trove of words and pages.

Who killed Charlene Makaza?

A Zimbabwean child died in New Zealand and her uncle was tried for her murder. That's when South African experts on child rape were called in.

Is Tim Noakes the Malema of medicine?

World-famous sports scientist Tim Noakes has recently turned the food pyramid on its head. Could he be right?

South African stories: Through the liquor glass

The oldest business on Lower Main Road is the Observatory Bottle Store. It is also the reason some residents have chosen to live in the area.

The breathtaking world of freediving

It is one of the most dangerous extreme sports on the planet and a fast-growing competitive sport. And local diver Hanli Prinsloo is addicted.

Diamond mines are not forever

Residents of a pair of once-booming mining towns in Namaqualand now await a resurrection.

Living in the shadow of denial

National transmission rates of perinatal HIV infection are falling but the past is still with us, writes <b>Martinique Stilwell</b>.

Who is Hans Klaar?

Martinique Stilwell unravels the background of Hans Klaar, the convicted rapist she has known since childhood.

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