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Tokyo Sexwale will buy Johncom stake

Business tycoon Tokyo Sexwale's Mvelaphanda Group will buy up to 30 percent of Johnnic Communication's media unit in a R1.4-billion deal, a Sens announcement said on Tuesday.

Icasa announces new pay-TV licence holders

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has announced the winning bidders of the new commercial satellite and cable subscription broadcasting licences.

Three Touchline Media execs resign over scandal

Three senior executives from Touchline Media, a subsidiary of Media24, have allegedly resigned over the circulation inflation saga which has resulted in the suspension of several of Media24's titles from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).

The best journalism schools in SA

Where do you get the best journalism training in South Africa? Matebello Motloung speaks to editors and other media players to find out which training institutions rank highly in their books.

Journalism schools fail to recognise uniqueness

While journalism schools each offer something different, they also have one thing in common - their failure to recognise and encourage students who are not interested in covering wars and political scandals, writes Matebello Motloung.

South Africa’s magazine minefield

The Media magazine last year described the explosion of consumer titles in the print market as a magazine minefield. Spurring the growth has been the country's recent economic boom, which has seen South African consumers spoilt for choice with the number of magazines quadrupling in the past decade. Only time will tell which titles will survive the boom.

Editor vs Brand: Who dominates?

Editors are increasingly under pressure to be more than just in charge of editorial content but also to be brand ambassadors for their publications. This may be beneficial in building the profile of the magazine but what happens when brand and editor start competing? Whose star should shine the brightest? Matebello Motloung looks at the dynamics of the brand-editor relationship.

Mathatha Tsedu: The distinct African

<i>City Press</i> editor Mathatha Tsedu's vision of creating a "distinctly African" newspaper is finally paying off. For the first time in four years, it sold more than 200,000 copies. Matebello Motloung asks him why this strategy failed with the <i>Sunday Times</i> and where he is taking his newspaper.

Drive-time radio gets a shake-up

Several radio stations have given their drive-time shows a shake-up as the national average of time spent listening to radio drops. Matebello Motloung reports.

Bringing business to the people

SABC economics editor Siki Mgabadeli dreams of a world where business news is accessible to Joe Public and she is determined to make it happen. That is one of the reasons why she won the 2007 Vodacom Rising Star Award for exceptional women in the media under the age of 30. Matebello Motloung spoke to her.

Levelling the playing field

Every year, the media reports on government and corporate sponsored initiatives such as Take a Girl Child to Work. But don't we also have a responsibility to look into the implications of such well-meaning initiatives, asks Matebello Motloung.

Plekkie in die Son

The Afrikaans media has in the past demonstrated an uncanny ability to adapt to change while managing to retain a loyal following. Matebello Motloung considers some of the challenges faced by the strongest vernacular media in South Africa and its role in the democratic dispensation.

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