Matt Apuzzo

British Airways faces $300m antitrust fine in US

The United States Justice Department is giving Britain's largest airline a break, even as it faces one the largest antitrust fines in years. Representatives of British Airways are scheduled to plead guilty on Thursday to two counts of conspiracy and face a likely fine of -million for colluding with Virgin Atlantic over fuel surcharges.

Court blocks ruling against tobacco companies

A federal appeals court blocked a landmark judgement against the tobacco industry, allowing the companies to continue selling ''light'' and ''low tar'' cigarettes until their appeals can be reviewed. The decision by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday also allows the companies to continue for now the advertising campaigns that a federal judge in August ruled were misleading.

US agents seize ‘Saddam Hussein’s car’

Federal customs agents seized a Mercedes-Benz from an army reservist who said the armour-plated, bulletproofed luxury car probably belonged to Saddam Hussein. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents said on Thursday that the car, which was also equipped with loudspeakers and hidden microphones, was being treated as a ''possible war trophy''.

A massive clean-up after a massive hurricane

The Hurricane Katrina clean-up represents the biggest waste-disposal job in United States history, dwarfing in volume the debris carted off after the World Trade Centre's twin towers fell in 2001, officials said. Engineers and environmental officials are scrambling to figure out where to put the debris.

A terrorist at home and a spy overseas

As a Muslim and frequent flyer, American businessman Syed Maswood is used to being wrongly suspected as an Islamic terrorist. He's not used to being called a United States spy in the Arab world. The Connecticut nuclear engineer was arrested during a business trip in the United Arab Emirates on suspicion of being a CIA and FBI informant.

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