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Queen visits Prince Philip after health scare

Queen Elizabeth has paid a visit to her 90-year-old husband in hospital as the UK's longest-serving royal consort recovered from minor heart surgery.

Broken Britain: Soul searching lies ahead as riots cool

British Prime Minister David Cameron will face pressure to soften his austerity plans, toughen up policing and do more to help inner-city communities.

Cost-cutting UK govt curbs benefits in bold move

Britain will end child benefits for higher earners, finance minister George Osborne said on Monday, felling an established payment to all families.

G20 clash over how to stop another banking crisis

G20 policymakers gathered in London are divided on how to ensure any recovery lasts and bankers don't run riot with risk again.

Gadaffi meets Lockerbie bomber

Moammar Gadaffi was shown on Saturday embracing a former agent who was released by Scotland from a life sentence for the Lockerbie bombing.

UK PM Brown seeks to save govt with reshuffle

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown backed down from replacing his finance minister on Friday in a bid to hold his government together.

Harold Pinter dead at 78

Harold Pinter, the British playwright and Nobel laureate famous for his brooding portrayals of domestic life and barbed politics, has died aged 78.

Gordon Brown to fight on despite critics

Prime Minister Gordon Brown defied his critics on Tuesday, vowing to stick by his beliefs and fight to make life better for people living in Britain.

Credit crunch may be half market estimates

The scale of losses and the economic fallout from the global credit crunch may not be as bad as feared and subprime losses could end up costing less than half market forecasts, the Bank of England said on Thursday. The central bank is still concerned about the consequences of the credit crisis but Deputy Governor John Gieve said conditions could stabilise soon.

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