Matthew Tostevin

Nigeria’s Jonathan set for victory in election

President Goodluck Jonathan took what appeared to be an unassailable lead on Sunday as votes were tallied from around Nigeria.

World outraged over Bhutto assassination

World leaders voiced outrage at the assassination on Thursday of Pakistan's opposition leader Benazir Bhutto and expressed fears for the fate of the nuclear-armed state. United States President George Bush condemned the killing as a ''cowardly act''.

Poles start voting in early parliamentary election

Poles began voting on Sunday in a snap parliamentary election that could cost the ruling Kaczynski twins their full grip on government in the European Union's biggest former communist country. Opinion polls suggest a centre-right opposition party might do best in the vote.

Kabila?s son ?more than a stop-gap?

DESPITE public unease at the prospect of Democratic Congo's slain leader being succeeded by his son, Joseph Kabila is not likely to leave the...

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