Mel Gunasekera

Sri Lankan Cabinet minister escapes suicide blast

A suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber attacked a convoy ferrying a Sri Lankan Cabinet minister outside the capital, Colombo, on Thursday.

Arthur C Clarke’s 90th birthday wish list

British-born science fiction author Arthur C Clarke, who turns 90 on Sunday, says all he wishes for is peace in his adopted home Sri Lanka where he has lived for the past five decades. Sri Lanka's most celebrated guest resident since 1956, Clarke said he had sadly watched a bitter ethnic conflict dividing his adopted country.

Sri Lanka’s war hurts boutique hotel business

Britney Spears, Paul McCartney, Sting and Paul Simon have all travelled to Sri Lanka for a big-bucks taste of tropical luxury. But an escalating war with Tamil Tiger rebels and increasingly gruesome headlines on the human rights situation means that the rich or famous are now staying away -- and rooms in the island's boutique hotels are going for a song.

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