Michael Casey
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/ 30 April 2007

Climate change: ‘The time to act is now’

A major climate meeting opened on Monday in the Thai capital, Bangkok, with delegates debating how to rein in rising greenhouse-gas emissions that could threaten hundreds of millions with hunger and disease in the coming decades. ”The time to act is now,” said Chartree Chueyprasit, a deputy secretary in Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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/ 11 May 2006

Wildlife thrives in Cold War no man’s land

Within earshot of a truckload of South Korean troops, a family of wild boars approaches a military base looking for an afternoon snack. Just down the road, water deer dash into a forest dotted with mines. Off-limits to most humans for more than 50 years and home to about two million soldiers, the Demilitarised Zone separating the two Koreas is the world’s most heavily fortified border.

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/ 26 January 2006

World’s smallest fish discovered in Indonesia

Scientists say they have discovered the world’s smallest known fish in threatened swampland in Indonesia. A member of the carp family, the fish has a translucent body and a head unprotected by a skeleton. ”This is one of the strangest fish that I’ve seen in my whole career,” said Ralf Britz, a zoologist at London’s Natural History Museum.

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/ 23 December 2005

Rare frigate bird embarks on record journey

A Christmas Island frigate bird named Lydia recently completed a 26-day journey over 4 000km in search of food for her baby chick. The trip, tracked with a global positioning device by officials at Christmas Island National Park, is by far the longest known non-stop journey by this critically endangered sea bird.