Michael Kwet

Right of reply: A rejoinder to the Zenprop chief executive about Amazon’s HQ

Zenprop chief executive James Tannenberger, who stands to benefit financially from the River Club development, failed to address the substantive points of our original article

Amazon’s colonial HQ in Cape Town must be stopped

Wealthy foreign corporations colonise local markets and impose technologies of violence and control on local populations

The metaverse: colonial fantasies of the wild West

Whether it becomes reality or just another fad, the metaverse misadventure is another indictment of the capitalist system and American empire

To fix Facebook, we need to socialise the networks

There are strong reasons to doubt that competitive capitalism will fix social media networks

Economic growth is destroying the planet

Ecosocialism will build solidarity with people to establish food and water commons, carbon-free public transport and community-owned renewable energy

Break the hold of digital colonialism

Your data is giving Big Tech control of everything and only a huge shift by the people can halt it

Big Brother set to watch each pupil

The secret move to monitor public school education will track children right into adulthood

The dangers of paperless classrooms

Users - not corporates - should control the software to meet social and economic needs.

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