Mike Eckel
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/ 4 October 2007

Dozens of Russian bodies may be Stalin victims

Workers rebuilding a 19th-century Moscow house unearthed the remains of nearly three dozen people apparently dating back to the era of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s political purges nearly 70 years ago, police officials said on Thursday. Police also found a rusted pistol on the estate where the remains of an estimated 34 people were discovered.

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/ 21 April 2006

Major quake hits distant Russian region

A major earthquake hit a distant, sparsely populated region of Russia’s far east early on Friday, causing unknown damage and possible injuries, emergency officials said. The United States Geological Survey and Japan’s Meteorological Agency estimated the temblor to be about 7,7-magnitude.

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/ 1 October 2005

World’s third space tourist blasts off

A Soyuz rocket carrying United States millionaire scientist Gregory Olsen and a Russian-American crew lifted off on Saturday from the Central Asian steppes, launching the world’s third space tourist on a two-day journey to the international space station. The rocket streaked into the blue sky with an ear-splitting blast.

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/ 14 June 2005

‘Ours is the politics of grief’

Some of the women sat at a wooden table littered with documents. Others hovered near a computer learning how to write a press release, or traded gossip over weak tea. It could almost be a PTA meeting or a ladies’ social circle — but for the tragedy that haunts this room. All of these women lost relatives in last September’s Beslan school massacre.