Mike Peacock

Job losses prompt action

Policymakers facing mounting job losses prepared new measures to ease the pain on Monday.

Japanese banks, US carmakers seek funds

Japan's number three bank sought to beef up its capital on Wednesday, markets fretted over the stricken United States car industry.

Grim economic data mirrored by corporate gloom

Evidence of a weakening Chinese economy and poor data from Japan and UK reinforced fears on Tuesday of a prolonged recession.

Companies suffer, China says outlook ‘grim’

China's president said on Friday the economic outlook was grim and companies from Japan to France were punished.

Crisis inflicts fresh wounds, UBS cut deepest

Fresh write-offs at big European and Japanese banks on Wednesday drove investors' attention firmly back onto the credit crunch after days gazing at Société Générale's stunning losses, which it blames on a junior trader. With the Federal Reserve expected to cut interest rates for the second week running, Swiss bank UBS illuminated the depth of the crisis.

Bush, Bernanke to launch twin subprime assault

United States President George Bush will outline reforms on Friday to help struggling subprime mortgage borrowers and his central bank chief will deliver a speech which will be pored over for hints of a looming rate cut. Federal Reserve chairperson Ben Bernanke speaks on ''Housing and Monetary Policy'' at around 2pm GMT.

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