Miles Keylock

Cape art picks: January 20 2012

Avant Car Guard's day-long exhibition closing party will be an experiment in organised chaos.

Cape music picks: January 20 2012

Catch South African-born saxophonist Ntshuks Bonga in a rare performance on local soil.

Cape art picks: January 13 2012

Simon Stone's new series of paintings, <em>Thrown Together,</em> is an exploration of chance encounters.

Cape music picks: January 13 2012

When young, bit-chomping, post-bop quartet Tribe dropped their album, <em>Our Language</em>, almost a decade ago, it was the start of things to come.

Cape music picks: January 6 2012

It's tough being a creative jazz musician working a circuit where venues prioritise entertainment over art.

Cape art picks: January 6 2012

Photographer Nontsikelelo Veleko's haunted holiday snapshots of the Canary Islands set the tone for the Goodman's Summer Show.

Cape music picks: December 15 2011

Tension is mounting in the blogos­phere ahead of the release of Die Antwoord's much anticipated, much tweeted new album <em>Ten$ion</em>.

Cape art picks: December 15 2011

The South African Library is fortunate to house a full collection of posters produced during World War II.

Cape art pick: December 9 2011

Photographer Pieter Hugo slyly inverts his usual exploration of “the other” and presents his friends in a series of provocative "anti-­portraits".

Cape music picks: December 9 2011

Tapping into Cape Town's diverse musical history, Mr Sakitumi aka Sean Ou Tim is best defined by his versatility and plurality.

Cape art festival pick: December 9 2011

The Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts presents the <em>Beautiful Project</em>, which calls into question our definitions of beauty.

Cape art pick: December 2 2011

What sets Cameron Platter's work apart is his distinct aesthetic, non-conformist approach and wonderful humour.

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