Misheck Mutize

African countries aren’t borrowing too much: they’re paying too much for debt

African governments are issuing and listing their Eurobonds on established international debt markets – usually London and Irish Stock Exchanges

Why credit rating agencies are still getting away with bad behaviour

Rating agencies have been at the centre of major financial crises

Why Zuma’s free higher education plan will cripple SA’s finances

The initiative will plunge the country into a deeper financial crisis if it isn’t adjusted one way or another.

Why South African shouldn’t turn to the IMF for help

The idea that South Africa must look towards the International Monetary Fund to rescue itself from the prevailing crisis must be dismissed.

Corrupt state owned enterprises lie at the heart of South Africa’s economic woes

The country stands to slip deeper into crisis unless the lust for loot is stopped. The economy is already in deep trouble.

Zuma’s attack on capital is digging SA into a deeper hole

The populism politics adopted by the ANC mask a strategy to deflect attention from the party's policy failures and to hide its many scandals.

Why junk status still hangs over South Africa

The effects of a sovereign credit rating downgrade would be painful for all South Africans.

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